Thank you for taking the time to browse my paper portfolio.  

Each image is made from artist papers which have been coloured, sculpted
and layered to create a unique form of illustration.  I hope you enjoy them.

Your feedback, advice, recommendations and referrals would be very appreciated.

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or by phone at 519-853-5819 or cel at 519-546-3872.



Don Cherry - Canadian Hockey Commentator

Martha Stewart
(it is worth noting that this piece is made almost entirely from wallpaper samples)


George W. Bush - detail

John Kerry - detail

The Pirates of the Caribbean

Aztec Gold - detail

Elizabeth Swann - detail - in progress

"We named the monkey 'Jack'.." - detail - in progress

Marilyn Monroe (11x14)

Sir Mick Jagger (11x14)

Mick Jagger - detail

Alfred E. Neuman - (work in progress)

Alfred E. Neuman - finished (11x14)

The Blues Brothers (11x14)

Tina Turner (11x11)

Hugh Hefner - 11x14

All images are ©2005 Lar deSouza