April Showers...

Okay, so I missed last month, but I'm still averaging pretty well.  

The last couple months have continued very well :)  The 2005 National Caricature Convention was as marvelous as I have come to expect.  I'm not a fan of Vegas, so it's own hedonistic energy threw me off a little bit but the positive vibes from my fellow artists more than made up for it.  After a sleepless week I returned home, exhausted, but creatively enervated.  I also won two more awards from my peers, garnering second place in the new category for 3-Dimensional Caricatures for my paper art, and placing 11th overall in the Caricaturist of the Year rankings!!  Whoo hoo! :)

The convention Guest of Honour, David Cowles, was very much in attendance and it was exciting to see so much of his work.  I also reconnected with many good friends and got to celebrate their own work, as well as made many new friends with artists around the globe.

Springtime isn't traditionally a very busy time for me but there are still more gigs and commissions than years past so I've certainly got no complaints!  I've assembled my paper caricature portfolio and hope to be sending postcards out to art houses in the next few weeks.  My webcomic "In Other News" has been getting some very high and consistent ratings over at Comics Sherpa as well and plans are in the work to submit it to the syndicates in the next few months.  That will be an educational exercise though, as the road to syndication is not an easy one.

The calendar ahead promises more excitement.  My nephew is getting married in May and is the first of the 'grandchildren' in our family to do so.  As well, I'll be visiting Winnipeg for the first time to be the Artist Guest of Honour at Keycon!  I'm really excited to not only visit what is a terrific Canadian city but also to meet many people I've only ever corresponded with.

And let's not forget the gratuitous shill for more business!  My job as a caricaturist is not to make fun of a subject, but to have fun with them.  A good caricature is a unique and original gift.  Browse through my webpages and then (this is the good part) imagine what you might look like if drawn by me!!  I'm a freelancer with reasonable rates and a fast turn around time if you need it.  And if you live in the Southern Ontario region or west of the GTA, I also do live caricaturing for parties.  In my custom tuxedo, I can be as entertaining as I can be artistic!

Drop me an email and let's talk :)

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