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Krampus Kutie

2010 December 18
by admin

Over in the frozen lands of northern Europe, there’s a yang to Santa’s yin named Krampus. He’s a wild forest man demon thing who accompanies good ol’ St. Nick to all the homes of the boys and girls. And if those kidlings are bad, well, that’s when Krampus steps up to the plate and BEATS THEM with birch sticks. And if they’re really bad? Well then, that’s why he’s got the chains. The manacles go on and he tosses them into the big basket on his back to carry them off to THE FIRES OF HELL!!

Oh those scamps! How festive!

So here’s a smexy interpretation of Krampus. Yeah, it’s a tenuous link at best, but there’s boobies! Enjoy :)

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  1. January 3, 2011

    Ha! Only you would think of making a sexy Krampus!

    Nice work, once again!

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