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Dr Hannah?

2013 March 29
by admin

It’s Easter time but it’s also a Friday so that means Ustream tonight!

Now, as a practising Roman Catholic please spare me the ‘zombie Jesus’ references. They don’t work for me and trying to explain why they are inaccurate when it’s just a simple joke (yeah I get it) is just lame. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a nice zombie every so often. And that’s where Dr Hannah comes in.

Y’see, not only is it Easter this weekend but tomorrow is International TableTop Day! Wil Wheaton and Felica Day have been promoting it and already photos and blogs from the other side of world have begun coming in of friends and families enjoying gaming time together. Wil even commissioned me to do some fun paper cut outs of him, Felicia and the Trophy of Awesome for people to download and make (avaiable on his blog).

But then I began getting requests for Dr Hannah – a zombie character Felicia made up during one of the TableTop episodes. I haven’t had time, nor am I sure there’s really that much interest but isn’t Ustream a time to have some fun?

So tonight I’ve got some flatting to do on one project and maybe a cute Easter bunny pin up but if there’s enough new chat room folks who request it, maybe I’ll be convinced to draw a downloadable Dr. Hannah for your TableTop day as well.

As usual the mods will be in their eggcellent form, keeping the chatroom free from the zombie hordes of spambots and douchebaggery. I’l have some fun music to warm us up. The fun starts at 8pm ET and runs along till midnight. Why not pour a beverage of choice and drop by? Here’s the link!:

See you in the funnies!


2013 March 26
by admin

I’ve been wrestling on and off with this page. Because a couple years ago I somehow changed the back end to Norwegian. Spent some more time digging through help forums this afternoon and got it fixed! Oh the glamourous life of working at home.

Not to say I ever abandoned the social medias. Here are some links to update folks:
My twitter: @lartist
My tumblr:
My print shop (where you can the artstuffs):
And my RedBubble account where some of the artstuffs are on shirt stuffs:

I also do a regular Friday night ustream from 8pm till midnight ET. You can find it (and past recorded videos) at:

See you in the funnies!

A limited time offer

2011 April 30
by admin

Before the summer convention season descends upon us, we at Blind Ferret have one more joyous event to attend; the wedding of Becker. If you’ve ever ordered something from us, Becker is the man who makes sure it gets to you in a timely and well packed fashion. He is a wonderful friend and the heart and soul of Blind Ferret. Like many modern couples though, he and his bride to be are already well established in their households and not wanting for much except perhaps extra funds to pay for their wedding. Well, no one’s getting rich off of webcomics so I’m going to try to tempt you folks to help me in a little fundraising effort for the happy bride and groom instead.

Until May 15th I am offering a special limited print run over at my online print shop. The sale of all of these prints will go directly to Becker as a wedding present. All prints will be signed and numbered by me, and as always I will be happy to personalize them at your request. After May 15th no more orders for these prints will be accepted and it will never be repeated. And what is this print? Why sexy steampunk pirates of course. And not just any pirates but our very own Benn Jo’oon from Looking for Group and Issa from our other comic, Least I Could Do. You have your choice of one or the other, or both together.

Please consider jumping over to my shop at to check things out and maybe even buying a print.


One day sale!

2011 February 13
by admin

Hiya all,

For one day, February 14th, if you buy 2 or more prints to my shop and enter the code ‘Valentine’ you’ll get 30% off your order:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

These are the people in my neighbourhood

2011 February 5
by admin

One of the best moments of being an artist is meeting so many cool people over the years. I’m an absolute fanboy over some people who I had the good fortune to meet and spend time with and somehow become friends with despite time and circumstance. And over the years some of those people have only gotten more incredible through their own achievements, jobs, people they’ve met etc. It’s a wonderful life.

Long story short, through the twisted life of a comic artist I have been given the opportunity to participate in an upcoming art tribute book to that awesome cartoon of our youth, Reboot!! The first completely CG animated cartoon for television! It might look kinda cheesy to some of you youngun’s but remember – a weekly half hour show entirely in CG had NEVER been done before and was very cutting edge, both in technology use and for North American television (which is not generally willing to take risks!)

The book is being compiled by Jim Su, himself an incredible comic artist with a history of working with Mainframe Entertainment and his own comic book projects at Beach Creative Studios. The book is currently slated to be out in June of this year.

In an effort to whet your appetite, here’s my submission to the collection. Enjoy! :)


New page!

2011 January 15
by admin

I’ve been slowly putting together an online shop of my digital and original work to sell. I think it’s done and ready to use now. You can find the link at the top of the page or go to the shop here.

Thanks :)

Krampus Kutie

2010 December 18
by admin

Over in the frozen lands of northern Europe, there’s a yang to Santa’s yin named Krampus. He’s a wild forest man demon thing who accompanies good ol’ St. Nick to all the homes of the boys and girls. And if those kidlings are bad, well, that’s when Krampus steps up to the plate and BEATS THEM with birch sticks. And if they’re really bad? Well then, that’s why he’s got the chains. The manacles go on and he tosses them into the big basket on his back to carry them off to THE FIRES OF HELL!!

Oh those scamps! How festive!

So here’s a smexy interpretation of Krampus. Yeah, it’s a tenuous link at best, but there’s boobies! Enjoy :)

Let’s do the math

2010 December 16
by admin

Here’s the thought progression:

I was petting our cat Smudge this morning and he was being a little curmudgeonly. He’s getting up there in years and began to wonder how old he was in that cat years to human years way.
Then I leapt to what other kinds of years. Dog years… bird… So I’m thinking about time. And my mind shifted to celebrity years and how some just won’t let go.

SO if fifteen minutes of fame can be equated to say a six month stint on a reality show (I’m making the math easy) then an hour is 2 years. A regular day becomes 48 years (round up to fifty for easy math). A year to a regular person is now 365×50= 18250 years!! And that’s just for someone like Heidi Mondo-hag and Spencer Asshat!

I’m sure this is somehow spread apart from appearance to appearance and they only crazy age during official appearances on magazine covers and red carpet walks but geez! No wonder they age so badly and need all that surgery! Every paparazzi shot probably shoots them forward a year. And suddenly I’m a kid again, because I’m only like 4 in Lohan years.

Glad I got that off my mind. Later :)

One more seasonal idea

2010 December 9
by admin

I’ve had this idea kicking around since college. Seriously. It feels so good to finally truly nail it down and do it up to the nines. Enjoy!

Rudolph poster

Something seasonal

2010 December 4
by admin

And by seasonal I mean…y’know… wrong. ;)